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12. Abbreviations

BElow follows a table with abbreciations and accronyms found in the manual. To help you find further information about the acronyms they are classified by Type: Type of term: C: computer term, S: science term, G: GIS term, O: Organisation/Research Institute.

Abbreviation Definition Type Reference/Comments
CDSM Canopy Digital Surface Model G A vegetation raster grid where vegetation heights is given in meter above ground level. Pixels with no vegetation should be zero.
CRS Coordinate Reference System G See here for overview.
CRU Climatic Research Unit S  
DEM Digtial Elevation Model G A raster grid including only ground heights given in meter above sea level. Here, same definition as DTM (Digital Terrain Model).
DSM Digital Surface Model G A raster grid including both buildings and ground given in meter above sea level.
ECMWF European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts O Link to website
ERA5 The fifth generation of ECMWF atmospheric reanalyses of the global climate S  
FAI Frontal area index (λF) S Area of the front face of a roughness element exposed to the wind relative to the plan area.
GIS Geographical Information System C  
GUI Graphical User Interface C  
LAI Leadf Area Index S  
LCZ Local Climate Zone S Connected to the WUDAPT-project
LST Local Standard Time S  
LTR Long term release G/S  
LUCY Large scale Urban Consumption of energy model S The original model used in LQf
m agl metres above ground level G/S  
m asl metres above sea level G/S  
OTF On the Fly (projection) G Used in QGIS when different geodatasets with different coordinate systems are projected in the same, automatically.
PAI Plan area index (λP) S Area of the roughness elements relative to the total plan area.
png Portable Network Graphics G format for saving plots/figures
QF Anthropogenic heat flux S  
QGIS A Free and Open Source Geographic Information System G
SEBE Solar Energy on Building Envelopes S Link to manual
SOLWEIG Solar and longwave environmental irradiance geometry model S Link to manual
SUEWS Surface urban energy and water balance scheme S Link to manual
SVF Sky View Factor S The ratio of the radiation received (or emitted) by a planar surface to the radiation emitted (or received) by the entire hemispheric environment
TDSM Trunk zone Digital Surface Model G A raster grid specifying the height up to the buttom of a vegetation canopy in meter above ground level. Pixels with no trunk height should be zero.
tif Tagged Image File Format C format for saving plots/figures
UMEP Urban Multi-scale Environmental Predictor G/S  
WATCH Integrated Project Water and Global Change S Link to website
WFDEI WATCH Forcing Data methodology applied to ERA-Interim data S  
WDF WATCH Forcing Data methodology applied to ERA-40 data S  
WUDAPT The World Urban Database and Access Portal Tools S Link to website
z0 Roughness length for momentum S  
zd Zero plane displacement length for momentum S