7. How to Contribute

UMEP is an an open source tool that we are keen to get others inputs and contributions. There are two main ways to contribute:

  1. Submit comments or issues to the repository
  2. Participate in Coding or adding new features.
  3. Create new tutorials for the UMEP-plugin.

7.1. Reporting a Bug

  • As a good citizen of the open source community please report bugs. If it is a UMEP plugin related issue - report this to the https://bitbucket.org/fredrik_ucg/umep/issues UMEP plugin. You can see if your bug is already reported. In order for the UMEP team to solve your issue as easy as fast as possible, please provide a full description of the problem including steps to repeat it. The more info given, the easier it is for us to solve your issues.
  • Please have a look at Known Issues and FAQ (found below) before submitting an issue to the repository.
  • A bug may also be caused by QGIS. By reporting bugs (and also maybe helping out to solve them) is essential to the open source community. At [www.qgis.org www.qgis.org] you can find out more on what you can do to get involved.
  • QGIS: how to report a QGIS issue: http://qgis.org/en/site/getinvolved/development/index.html#qgis-bugreporting.