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3.10. Urban Energy Balance: SUEWS Database Manager


Under Construction. NOT READY

  • Contributor:
    Name Institution
    Oskar Bäcklin Gothenburg
    Ting Sun Reading
    Sue Grimmond Reading
    Fredrik Lindberg Gothenburg
  • Introduction:

    The SUEWS Database Manager is a tool that can… NOT READY.

  • Dialog box

    Fig. 3.14 Dialog for the SUEWS Converter plugin

  • Old Version:

    The version of the data to be converted.

  • New Version:

    The version the data should be cenverted to.

  • Load RunControl:

    Location of RunControl.nml of the old dataset.

  • Output folder:

    Location where the converter data should be stored.

  • Run:

    Starts the calculations.

  • Close:

    Closes the plugin.