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3.17. Urban Land Cover: Land Cover ReclassifierΒΆ

  • Contributor
    Name Institution
    Fredrik Lindberg Gothenburg
  • Introduction

    The Land Cover Reclassifier is a simple plugin that can be used to create a UMEP land cover raster grid. The land cover fractions included in UMEP are:

1 Paved Paved surfaces (e.g. roads, car parks)
2 Buildings Building surfaces
3 Evergreen Trees Evergreen trees and shrubs
4 Deciduous Trees Deciduous trees and shrubs
5 Grass Grass surfaces
6 Bare soil Bare soil surfaces and unmanaged land
7 Water Open water (e.g. lakes, ponds, rivers, fountain)
  • Dialog box

    Fig. 3.35 The dialog for the Land Cover Reclassifier

  • Dialog sections
    upper Select raster land cover dataset to be reclassified into the UMEP land cover classes
    Choose interval values to be classified into a certain UMEP land cover class.
    • Not all lines and boxes need to be filled in, but multiple lines are available in case many different intervals are to be classified as the same land cover class.
    lower Specify the output file (.tiff) etc.
  • Input raster

    Any valid raster dataset (float or integer) loaded into QGIS will appear in this dropdown list. Choose the one that includes your land cover information.

  • Land cover classes

    Fill the interval values that you want to reclassify into a certain cover class. All values not included will appear as 0 in the output land cover raster. This should be avoided.

  • Output file

    Location and filename (geoTIFF) are specified here.

  • Run

    Starts the reclassification.

  • Close

    Closes the plugin.